Fernando Alonso’s surprising request to Aston Martin


Fernando Alonso’s surprising request to Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso ending in 2023 at Aston Martina team that lured him with a project that the man from Oviedo considers “more ambitious” than Alpine. Fernando has repeated on several occasions that his new group has everything to grow: budget, ambition, new and successful engineers and the expansion of its facilities that is currently underway. However, no one knows if the hunger for victories of the team and the driver will end in success for both in the coming years. The Spaniard will work towards this goal, taking steps forward in the ‘Great Circus’ defending the interests of Aston Martin and pushing the team in the right direction. But whatever happens inside the track and the factory, the pilot is surprised by a request to his new team.

In a direct Instagram with his sponsor Finetwork, before the last F1 Italian GP, ​​the Asturian driver dropped a request that he wants to fulfill with the help of Aston Martin: participate in a James Bond movie driving one of their cars.

It all started when they asked him several times live about ‘The Mission’, a term with which social network users christened Fernando’s project with Aston Martin, as they did last year with ‘El Plan’ and Alpine.

“Let’s not start again, because last year in ‘El Plan’ there was enough trouble,” he said with a laugh. “It’s always something that is created on social networks and I always try to follow what you suggest. If it should be ‘The Mission’, then ‘The Mission'”, he pointed out before launching his new request: “The good thing is that I can be in a James Bond movie now that I’m with Aston Martin. Shooting a street scene with an Aston Martin would make me happy. We’ll have to talk about it with the team. Hopefully outside”.

Source: La Verdad


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