“Very serious, an obstacle has been overcome”


After knowing the resignation of 15 players who will be called up for the Spanish team while Jorge Vilda continue as a coach, the women’s football director of RFEF, Ana Alvarezgave his version of events to ‘radio stadium night’of Zero Wave. In his opinion, what happened “was so serious, so serious that it crossed a barrier.”

Alvarez He explained that “all the emails came at around seven o’clock in the evening, within a few minutes. I didn’t talk to any of them, we understood that we didn’t have to talk, we took the note and released the statement. “

And he recalled that a few weeks ago there was a meeting in which “they transferred their opinion to the president. They are not in line with the coach. They say it is merely a sporting issue. They don’t share the methodology, they do not agree and the president collects the information and is frank in respecting the coach”. Alvarez added that “we received a lot of pressure. We are clear about each other’s place. They have to commit themselves to playing and Jorge Vilda practice. We to manage. You need to understand the chain of command. We understood that it went beyond simple sports, it was a matter of dignity. Above all there is a shield that is the greatest.”

Finally, asked how he was vildaindicated that “it’s like all of us. It’s not pleasant. It comes from the dark brown. When we don’t agree on how the team is managed, it’s something to argue about. There’s no more debate “.

Source: La Verdad


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