The National Court sees no signs of money laundering in Pina .’s signatures


Quique Pina emerges unscathed from another lawsuit against his management as a footballer agent. The National Court files the ‘Operation Líbero’ against the Murcian businessman, which was defended by lawyers Alfonso Contreras and Antonio Madrid. The judge does not appreciate signs of money laundering by signing footballers and is filing a case in February 2018 for which Pina’s jail term was agreed.

Judge Santiago Pedraz concludes that after several years of investigation and after taking statements from numerous witnesses and detectives, he sees no evidence of money laundering by signing football players, as the judicial police initially denounced.

It also highlights the instructor who bases his file on the documentation provided by Pina himself, currently a shareholder of Cádiz CF, currently playing in the First Division, as well as the final reports from the Tax Authorities. It also fully exempts Pina’s family members who were under investigation and Italian businessman Gino Pozzo, owner of Udinese, an Italian Serie A team.

Quique Pina testified several times in February 2018 for the so-called ‘Operation Líbero’, in whose investigation he was arrested on January 31. However, Judge José de la Mata decided that the Murcian businessman was released four years ago on February 19, without regard to the payment of bail, for which he was released from Soto del Real prison, a prison in the one that was released on February 2. entered , 2018. However, he had to appear in court every week, he was not allowed to leave Spain and he had to surrender his passport.

For example, the board of directors of Cádiz CF proceeded to the unlimited revocation of the delegated powers that fell on the figure of Quique Pina, ranging from CEO to ordinary director of the Cadista entity.

Source: La Verdad


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