Emil Herzog, world junior cycling champion


The German Emil Herzog won gold this Friday in the online junior test of the Road Cycling World Championships which was contested in Wollongong (Australia) prevailing in a sprint ‘two’ towards the Portuguese Antonio Morgado after a distance of 135.6 kms.

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Behind, the bronze was achieved by the Belgian Vlad van Mechelen who won another sprintit was among the eleven runners of the group that came from behind, 55 seconds behind the two leading cyclists.

Neither that group nor the next two were Spaniards. Among the arrivals were Pau Martí and Yago Agirre, at 11.50, in positions 36 and 46. Pablo Lospitao did not finish the race.

It was Morgado who unleashed the decisive attack of the race that left the leading group, some 19 km away. from the finish, more than a kilometer from the penultimate passage to the finish line, and he has long dreamed of becoming a world champion.

But Herzog left the rest of the chase on the last step up the slopes of Mount Pleasant. (1,100 meters at 8.6 percent average gradient and ramps of up to 17%), the most important point of the 17 km circuit. which had to be done in eight laps, and caught the Portuguese with 3 finish lines.

In the sprint, very evenly matched, the German won, giving his country its first gold and third medal of these championships. after the bronze she got herself and Justyna Capla’s silver in the junior time trial. Morgado’s was Portugal’s first medal and Van Mechelen’s was Belgium’s fourth, which has yet to win any gold.

Source: La Verdad


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