Yevgeniy Fedorov, world champion under-23


Yevgeniy Fedorov, world champion under-23

the kazakh Yevgeniy Fedorov was proclaimed world champion in the under-23 line of the Road Cycling World Championships which was contested in Wollongong (Australia) after prevailing over Czech Mathias Vacek on the 170-kilometer course, ten laps of the 17-km urban circuit.

Fedorov, a 22-year-old runner is already a professional in Astana, and Vacek, who also silver in the European, came first to a group that was on their heels in the last km. but that he did not decide to hunt them when he was within range and in the end he lacked a few meters, just 3 seconds, to claim the sprint in a small group of twenty runners that could happen.

For this reason, the Kazakh and the Czech were able to play for gold and silver, although Fedorov’s victory was clear, for a second, and with Vacek more worried that the peloton would not catch him, that he would do, that to fight for the victory that he no longer had the strength.

In the group, Norwegian Soren Waerenskjold clearly prevailed, adding bronze to his brilliant gold in the time trial. what to do on monday Fourth was Estonian Madis Mihkels and fifth was Dutch Olav Kooij, the favorite with a massive arrival.

In that particular front group, of 20 runners, although some dropped in the final meters, The Spaniards did not enter despite being the best until the decisive moment, Raúl García Pierna from Madrid and Pau Miquel from Catalonia.

Both came at the head of the trio who arrived just behind the main pack, 58 seconds behind the winner, in positions 21 and 22.

In addition to Spain, countries such as France were left without a medal, giving the sensation of having the race under control with Mathis Le Berre on the breakaway and with Bastien Tronchon and Romain Gregoire threatening a group where the Hungarian Erik Fetter also wanted. jump, the Swiss Alexandre Balmer and even García Pierna when he was in it.

But no one could match the faith and strength of Fedorov and Vacek, who gave the first championship medals to their respective countries.

Waerenskjold’s bronze, meanwhile, allows Norway to once again lead the medal table alongside Great Britain, both with two golds and one bronze. To Waerenskjold’s two medals, gold in the sub-23 time trial, we must add Tobias Foss’ gold in the elite time trial.

Source: La Verdad


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