The Jimbee Cartagena, To Lost Time in Navarre. to catch up


The melon team will try to win on the difficult pitch at Osasuna Magna to redeem themselves after their lackluster home debut against Real Betis

Tough visit for Jimbee Cartagena on the second day of the National Championship. Visit to Osasuna Magna (8pm, no TV), a historic team from Pamplona that is celebrating 25 years in the hall elite this season.

The game is marked by the need for Duda’s men to win for the first time this season after conceding all three points on their home debut two weeks ago (3-4) against Real Betis. “It is a game with maximum risk,” the coach said at a press conference yesterday.

Osasuna Magna will try to improve on last season’s results. They finished the competition on the thirteenth floor, adding just 30 points and being six above relegation. That of the eternal Imanol Arregui, who begins his twenty-second season as Xota coach, tied Antequera on the first day at UMA Antequera with an extraordinary Dani Zurdo: he scored three goals in the rival goal and one in his own goal.

Raúl Rocha, who was transferred to Jimbee Cartagena by the Navarrese team on the penultimate day of the summer market, will meet his former teammates for the first time. He has recovered from the inconvenience that prevented him from playing last Tuesday.

Also in the call are Mellado and Motta, back in Cartagena after their respective international commitments. Juanpi, Chemi, Meira and Javivi are still low. The call, from eleven football players, does not include a single youth except Moreno, substitute goalkeeper. It does feature Amin Beslama, a promising French footballer.

Source: La Verdad


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