Pascual Momparler: “At the World Cup I don’t want exhibitions, I want medals”


How is acclimatization in Australia?

The first few days were difficult because the jet lag hit here, but the group we had was great and there was a great atmosphere. Most of them run together, there is a very good feeling and they want this good atmosphere to be sent to the race and we can have a good World Cup.

What do you think of the World Cup circuit?

The circuit can be recognized every day, but Thursday was when we did the official reconnaissance. We’ve traveled it countless times and then in the race it’s not because you haven’t been on the route.

What is the national team’s strategy?

After seeing the races already held and depending on the route, we in the team have two clear leaders: Iván García Cortina and Marc Soler. Ivan must know how to wait and find his chance to sprint. Then we have Marc Soler, a cyclist who reunited this season and should be attentive to the cuts that will take place at the end, with Remco Evenepoel, Wout Van Aert, Tadej Pogacar or Mathieu Van der Poel. Soler must break through this group and take advantage of the escape.

Do you see the medal options?

I would tell you that there are three, four riders maximum, who are above the rest and then behind them there is another group of riders that is very wide and that is where we have our two men and anything can happen.

Van Aert, the top favorite?

For me if; With Evenepoel, Van der Poel and Pogacar, with many other people from the French team and with Matthews. Marc Soler has already shown himself in the Vuelta and showed what he can do and Cortina has battled in recent days in Canada for victory with his Australian rivals. I think we can play the surprise trick and win a medal, but also make it 20th.

Where do you think is the key to the race?

There will be two races. One will do the Pogacar and the rest when they attack from afar and you have to be there no matter what. Then, the other is that this small group left and was caught a lap and a half from the end, with teams like the Belgian or the Australian working for the sprint and the World Cup decided on the sprint.

What would you ask Marc Soler?

We want it to be. We know he will be in key moments. I already told you that I don’t like exhibits. I want medals, I want him to run with his head, with composure, to be with those at the front, and to have a chance to be on the World Cup podium.

And Ivan Garcia Cortina?

I asked Ivan to be calm, that if the race continues to be calm, that Soler will be first and he will have a good bodyguard. He has a chance in the sprint and can show what a good cyclist he is.

Do you still have the bitter taste of not counting the cyclists you liked in the beginning?

Who I am here in Australia, I am at my best and we know we can do very well. It is obvious that I will take two or three but I have confidence in my riders and we will fight.

And, to conclude, what do you think of the points of the results of the runners of the point selection for their teams?

Sounds good to me, what can’t happen is that a test of these qualities coincides in the calendar with other very important tests. In this matter of the calendar, I don’t think the International Cycling Union or the teams read what they did correctly. They did not think that teams with such a budget would find themselves in the situation they found themselves in and now they encountered such a surprise.

Source: La Verdad


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