The Regional Library is initiating a new cycle in which it will invite ‘top’ sports figures


The institution schedules fifty activities until the end of the year

In the coming months, the Regional Library of Murcia (BRMU) will host some of the country’s most representative figures in the fields of literature, cinema, scientific dissemination or sports related to culture.

In total, some fifty activities make up the program designed until the end of the year with the aim “to continue to occupy a relevant position among the cultural centers of the Region” according to the General Director of Cultural Heritage, Pablo Braquehais. , when presenting the campaign.

The action calendar includes lectures, theater performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, book presentations, children’s stories and workshops.

Thus, in the cycle ‘The canon of the BRMU’, where the different authors select a work to include in a canon of universal literature, dedicated authors from the national and international scene will participate, such as Manuel Vicent (6 October), Luis Landero (December 14) or Paula Bonet (January 19).

In this new phase, according to the General Director of Cultural Heritage, the aim was to “open the spectrum of speakers, with personalities related to literature, but belonging to other fields”, such as humor, with Ángel Martín (November 9) , or psychology, with Rafael Santandreu (October 20).

In the same vein, the cycle will have an outstanding presence of personalities from the region, such as LA VERDAD columnist Rosa Palo (October 17), Charo Guarino (February 5), author and professor of classical languages ​​at the University of Murcia, or the graphic humorist from LA VERDAD José Manuel Puebla (9 March).

The library inaugurates the ‘Bibliosport’ cycle, which “will help explore the links between sport and culture,” explains Braquehais. Personalities like Gema Hassen-Bey (October 19), Almudena Cid (November 7), Fernando Romay (November 14) or Gervasio Deferr (January 12) participate in this cycle.

This cycle will also include the intervention of Juanjo López (December 15), head of the medical department of Real Murcia and currently the exclusive doctor of tennis player Carlos Alcaraz.

‘Anniversaries of cinema’, another of the newly created cycles, will tour those best-known films that are celebrating an important anniversary this year or next. For example, the library institution screens films such as ‘The Godfather’, on the occasion of its fiftieth birthday, in its auditorium and with free admission; ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘The Cabin’ and ‘Start Again’, which are 40 years old; ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Titanic’, celebrating their 25th anniversary; or ‘Her’ and ‘The Hunger Games’, which are 10 years old.

There will also be theater performances in the lobby of the library of some of these films. In this cycle, the well-known film critic Carlos Boyero will talk with filmmaker Luis Alegre (October 14); the journalist and film critic María Guerra (3 November); the author of cinematographic works César Bardés (1 December); and critic and educator Paula Aranzatzu Ruiz (December 13).

The BRMU will delve into the relationship between film and literature through the cycle ‘Cinema as a literary genre’, which in this new episode will include actress Natalia Verbeke (November 10); film director José Luis Garci (November 16); and the novelist and director David Trueba (November 18).

The BRMU is also launching the ’10 minutes BRMU’ cycle, in which the speakers offer a ten-minute talk, in the style of the famous TED talks. These interventions will cover topics as diverse as scientific dissemination, sport, self-esteem, the history and culture of the Murcia region, fashion, photography or entrepreneurship.

This cycle, which will exclusively include personalities from the region, will include María José Moreno, Daniel Torregrosa, Santi Cremades, Ignacio Martín Lerma, Yayo Delgado, Teresa García, Fran Sáez, Miriam Alegría, Alba ‘achieving goals’, Marta ‘The sea ​​of ​​dots’ or María Ángeles Bonmatí.

Source: La Verdad


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