Thomas Tuchel could be deported from the UK


Thomas Tuchel can have numbered days as a UK resident. According to the English medium ‘The Telegraph’, Chelsea’s former German coach could be deportee of English territory after being fired from his jobsince he came to the country afterwards Brexitso you need a visa of support that allows him to stay there for labor matters, when arriving from a country belonging to the European Union (Germany).

In this way, and after leaving the office, he will lose his work permit because he doesn’t hold any professional position, that’s all he has 90 days of margin to leave the country, approximately one three months from dismissalon September 7. Earlier Christmas.

This will be a problem for Tuchel still living in the town of Cobhamlocated in the county of Surrey, close to Chelsea’s training ground, while their children still attend school there.

still the coach did not speak about the case, although it was made by a representative them through ‘The Telegraph’, declaring that they would act accordingly country rulesalthough no decision has been made yet.

“We will act in accordance with UK rules and accept all future plans. Final decisions have not yet been made.”

According to the same English medium, Tuchel would be happy to continue to stay in the locality, so he is still considering what options they can take, while trying to solve your future to continue his career managing another team, preferably in the UKwhere you feel you still have unfinished business, while the option of back to germany maybe she will be attractive to him too if there is a chance.

Source: La Verdad


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