The Federation’s reaction to international complaints


The reasons why the Spanish internationals said they were in no position to be called up again and what MD revealed generated a lot of reaction. Also within Real Spanish soccer federationwhich gives a different version of the soccer players’ complaints, which, as we explained, refers to the excessive control of Jorge Vilda, scratching the “dictatorship” according to sources close to some players. Naa Federation They reject these reasons and ensure that the complaints of soccer players to the president Luis Rubiales They have always had a sporting nature and have never been associated with the treatment of the national team, but for their work at a technical and tactical level and for their calls.

conflicting versions

source of RFEF ensures MD that the players never complained Luis Rubiales no extra-sports but, on the contrary, they point out that they always say that the treatment of vilda It has become “incomparable and unique” and some have said that it is “attractive” to them.

These federative sources point out that the players complained about the coach’s professional standards regarding their work methods, but never about their treatment.

From the Federation it is surprising that the players made an e-mail and a statement and in either of the two letters appears any specific reason for their complaints.

Specifically on the issue of controlling the exit of players from concentrations, they emphasize that in a professional concentration there is control over why they leave it, without it, but it is something normal and routine.

Moreover, it is surprising because none of the players came out in a press conference or interview to explain these reasons that the environment of some of them shared with MD about the strict control that the coach allegedly exerts on the internationals. vilda.

If they don’t take it back, they won’t come back

They also insisted from the Federation that from their side there will be no further statement or reaction and if the players who signed the statement do not withdraw their will not to return to the national team, they will not be called up again.

Alexia, a separate case

The other case is that of Alexia Putellas, because in her case she did not send any e-mail to the Federation about it and, moreover, now she cannot be summoned because she is injured.

Source: La Verdad


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