“We came out of Tuesday’s game stronger”


Amidst the storm unleashed on the women’s team, Real are living these days with passion and concentration after Tuesday’s good game against Bayern and will face Betis today (6:00 pm) at Zubieta. The players exchanged chips, looking down on Thursday. Gemma Gili (Castellón, 1994) is one of the veterans and has the illusion of a flag.

After a great effort on Tuesday, how was your match today?

The team recovered well and emotionally we came out of Tuesday’s game stronger. We came into this match in a good mood.

Ready to be Real this past year?

Yes Yes. We won’t change the style because it works. Fatigue always has an effect, but we have to get used to it: play all week and compete at the highest level.

Is it mentally difficult for them to change the chip?

I do not think so. What we love most is competing. If three games come a week, better for us. To play a match, you are always ready.

Play Betis, do you assume you have to go back to earth?

In the end, after Tuesday’s game, the most important thing is not to reduce the importance of the League, which it will not do for us. We must give it the same importance as the game on Tuesday and last Saturday. Losing points now here at home could hurt us later. We are very, very clear about that. We will come out with the same enthusiasm and the same enthusiasm as in every game.

After Tuesday’s game, how did you feel when you got to the locker room?

I feel that I cannot blame anyone for anything, that my team left everything on the field, that we tried until the end, that the fans supported us and that we gave the feeling of not being afraid of anything rival That’s what I took. For all this it bothers me a little or leaves me with a bitter feeling that I have achieved nothing more.

On the outside, it looks like they can buy it in the game, right?

Yes. When you play a tie like this for the first time, back and forth, you don’t really know what to look for either. That’s why the first few minutes are to find out how they will come, how we can hurt them.

Can you dream of facing next Thursday?

You can dream 100%. If I am not convinced, I will tell the team not to travel to Munich. The tie is still open. We have shown that we have the ability to adapt to everything. We will go to all things and die to what is ours. This is what has given us what we have achieved so far.

The League is back, they set it so high, what’s their mentality?

People know how difficult it was to achieve what we achieved last year. In a League where there are teams like Barça, Real Madrid or Atlético, with a strong capacity to contribute in the women’s section, taking second place is very worthwhile, we did a great job. We are regulars all year round. It motivates us to keep working the same, giving value to every day.

The template is longer this year, does that give you peace of mind?

100% That’s what we want. The more, the better. We will all add up. Having competition is always good, because that way everyone brings their best version to play. And also that Natalia has more possibilities. The team wins.

What message from Natalia touched you the most?

The best thing about Natalia is that she is brave, that she has a very clear idea of ​​the game. This is what he always sends us. If the coach is clear, how come others are not clear? We died for what he thought and believed because it worked for us.

Nerea and Amaiur are among the 15 players who announced that they will not go to the national team in the current situation, how do you see them?

I see them calm. This is what they bring. Here they are comfortable, here they are good. They are nurtured and pampered. As long as they are sound, the decision they make, their reasons will be sound.

Source: La Verdad


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