Eliud Kipchoge broke his marathon world record in Berlin


Eliud Kipchoge broke his marathon world record in Berlin

Eliud Kipchoge has extended his legend this Sunday to Berlin Marathon. The Kenyan athlete beat the world record from afar with a great 2:01:09 where he greatly reduced the 2:01:39 that he himself marked in this test in 2018 to achieve another historical record for athletics.

In this way, Kipchoge extended the idyll of the German test marathoners and achieved the goal he was pursuing in this race. At 37 years old, Kipchoge extended his reign far and wide with what was his tenth victory at one of the traditional ‘majors’ (one victory in Tokyo, four in London, four in Berlin and one in Chicago), to which he also added the Olympic title in Rio and the 2021 World Cup.

Although beyond success, Kipchoge has been competing against the clock for years. It has been meteoric, with the best homologated race in history. Kipchoge is on the verge of dropping the 2:01 barrierbut it took another step in that relentless human quest to get as close as possible to the forbidden two-hour barrier.

An obstacle that proved ready to fight mid-race. He passed the half marathon in a record of 59:51, accompanied by a team of hares who did a great job. Overcoming splits with excellent times throughout the race, Kipchoge crowned his record attempt even though the 2:00 barrier was a long time coming.

His amazing 2:01:09 showed once again that Kipchoge, absolute king of the record, also seems to have no rivals on the road these days. He is also Kenyan Mark Korir won second place with the 2:05:58while the third is the Ethiopian Abbot Tadu together 2:06:28.

Kipchoge’s team of hares fully responded to the day of truth in the first part of the test, but the winner had the added difficulty of his teammates ran out at kilometer 25 of the test and will have to face the second half of the race alone in his quest for the record. From here, he maintained the pace, with averages slightly below three minutes per kilometer throughout the test to reach his goal.

Kipchoge went out with a record between eyebrows and eyebrows on the streets of Berlin. He was accompanied by four hares in the I passed kilometer 10, which I did in 28:23, down dramatically from the 29:01 he clocked four years ago. However, despite the fact that at the time the situation seemed to be on the desired script, there were still many kilometers ahead.

Half marathon in under time

The next challenge was going through kilometer 21 in under time. Kipchoge succeeded, along with a time of 59:51 seconds in the middle of the test and two hares available in a group in front of which the Ethiopian kept pace with him Belihu ironwilling to follow as closely as possible in the wake of the great favorite to see how far his podium options are.

However, it was around kilometer 25 when the hares finished their work and left Kipchoge alone with no time left. In absolute race measurement, the Kenyan continued at a pace of steps of about 2:50 per kilometer to gradually go towards his world record attempts.

It was in the second half of the race when Belihu, after several kilometers of tire work, gave up his attempt to hold on to Kipchoge. The Kenyan is completely alone, with victory in hand in the absence of seeing whether the time that adorned it entered history. In fact, this is what happened after a slight increase in speed after kilometer 30, but did not reach three minutes per kilometer. He passed, in fact, in 1:25:40, more than a minute below the 1:26:45 he set four years ago in his record.

Step by step, the 2:00 option low is gone, but the world record pace was maintained, waiting to see if Kipchoge was able to leave that barrier of 2:01. It was difficult for him to achieve it in the last kilometers and it escaped him by only ten seconds, but the Kenyan made his eleventh demonstration to break his world record.

I finally did it in 2:01:09, new best brand ever in the queen distance of athletics. Kipchoge pressed the last two kilometers in an attempt to reduce that 2:01, but despite the fact that he did not achieve it, he achieved another historical record that once again recognizes him as the absolute king of the distance. He was crowned for the fourth time in Berlin and has done so with the best race ever.

Berlin Marathon Men’s final classification

1. Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:01:09 (world record)
2. Mark Korir (Kenya) 2:05:58
3. Tadu Abate (Ethiopia) 2:06:28
4. Scaffolding Belihu (Ethiopia) 2:06:40
5. Abel Kipchumba (Kenya) 2:06:49
6. Limenik Getachew (Ethiopia) 2:07:07
7. Kenya Sonota (Japan) 2:07:14
8. Tatsuya Maruyama (Japan) 2:07:50
9. Kento Kikutani (Japan) 2:07:56
10. Zablon Chumba (Japan) 2:08:01

Source: La Verdad


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