Hummel, the Danish clothing brand, against the World Cup in Qatar


As the Qatar World Cup more and more critical voices are being raised against the organizing country for not respecting human rights. hummelthe brand that dresses the selection of Denmarkpresented this Wednesday the new designs that the Danish team will wear.

In the kits (the first red, the second white and the third black) you can barely see the logo and the name of the company, in a way of protest against Qatar. “With the new shirts of the Danish national team, we want to send a double message. They are not only inspired by European Championship 92, paying tribute to the greatest football achievement of Denmarkbut it’s also a protest against Qatar and its human rights record,” he explained hummel in a statement published on their social networks.

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“For this reason, we have reduced the details of the new jerseys for world, including our logo. We don’t want to see during a tournament that cost thousands of people their lives,” he continued. “We support the Danish team until the end, but that’s not the same as supporting Qatar as the host country,” the note continued.

hummel It also explains the reasons why his third uniform is all black. “The color of mourning. The perfect color for the third shirt of Denmark for him world of this year. We would like to make a statement about the human rights record of Qatar and the treatment it affords the immigrant workers who built the World Cup stadiums,” the statement concludes.

Source: La Verdad


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