Milan beat Empoli in a match with three goals added


It’s not the best game Milan so far this season, but the ‘rossonero’ team added three points this Saturday by losing Empoly (1-3) in a match where no more and at least three goals have been scored in extra time, suffering from Tweety to win.

The Milanese team had the ball and took the initiative in the game from the moment the ball started rolling, but the Empolywith his weapons, stood by him and did not lose faith.

The goal with which he was first on the scoreboard Milan may come when Giroud a direct free kick hit the crossbar, but the wood refused. It must be the scoundrel of Tonalwhich he took (later than he should have done) to surprise the defense of Empoly when found Rafael Leao alone in the place, and he gave Rebicwhich came from the second row, so the Croatian made it 0-1 in the 79th minute.

With that slight advantage, he seemed to have everything under control. Milanbut a free kick from Bajrami surprised What are you talking about? to put the equalizer on the scoreboard during extra time. But Milan refused to give two stitches, and in the last breath Tomori on a ball hanging in place and Rafael Leao masterfully culminating a counterattack, they signed two goals so that the matter ended 1-3. The former azulgrana Sergio Dest he entered the field of play at 73′.

Source: La Verdad


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