The W2RC, red hot: Loeb resurfaces and Al-Attiyah gets complicated


Al-Attiyah promised them that it would be a lot of fun on Sunday, when he was with her toyota-hilux placed second in stage 1 of Morocco Rallywho is seen as his main rival for the first world title of Rally-Raid FIA (W2RC), the French Sébastien Loeb, He suffered a broken suspension at the start of the special which caused him to lose 19 minutes on the first day. Loeb and Nasser reached this penultimate appointment on a course almost tied. The French, with 112 points, and the Qatari, with 111. Nasser aims to destroy everything to face the final test with an advantagebut in the second phase success is complicated. sebastien Loeb9 times world rally champion, came back from behind to win the stage and turn the tables on the day Nasser Al-Attiyah suffered so much because of three holes.

The speed of the Alsatian is devastating. He was the leader of the day at the fourth checkpoint and from there he only increased an advantage that was finally 10’15 on the second day, also the pilot of Bahrain Raid Xtreme Orlando Terranova. In this way, With 5 points awarded to the stage winner, the Frenchman regained the lead of a very tight World Championship.

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Day of oblivion for Al-Attiyah

Al-Attiyah will miss that match, having started the day losing 5 minutes in the first sector, and 26′ in the second. From then on, Nasser was able to keep up with Sébastien, but lost everything in the end, running out of spare tire after suffering three punctures. Finally, the Qatari from Toyota finished the special 53’38” behind the stage winner, Sébastien Loeb, relegating him to 7th position overall at the Moroccan event, 33’18” behind Loebnew leader

After what happened, and knowing Nasser’s enthusiasm, what will come in the three stages left to finish the Rally of Morocco promises intense emotions. The Qatari will attack his Toyota Hilux. He needs to add all possible points of stage wins to reach the Andalusia Rally with good options against a Loeb who cannot allow himself to sleep either. To win in Morocco, it pays to insure. But you need as many points as possible in each stage and that means giving gas.

Among the FIA ​​entries, Isidre Esteve’s very positive sixth-last position was also notable after completing the entire stage inside the Top-10 and improving two places at the final checkpoint to move up to sixth-last position with his new Toyota Hilux T1+, a car that allows you to be among the best.

Sainz, the second fastest

Carlos Sainz continues in a very positive way in the first race he contested in the Audi RS Q e-Tron E2, the second generation of Audi’s electric motorized car for the Dakar. The Spanish driver was the fastest in the first stage and on Monday he was second fastest. This is done without being registered in the FIA ​​category because the Morocco Rally is taken as a pure test of preparation for the Dakar, and so far, the tests have been satisfactory.

Sainz completed the second stage with a time of 3h, 2’21” accompanied by his inseparable co-driver Lucas Cruz, who lost just over 5 minutes in relation to Loeb’s best time.

For the second day in a row, moreover, the Spaniard was faster than his teammates. He was 8’52” faster than Stéphane Peterhansel and beat Mattias Ekström by 11’09”.

Source: La Verdad


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