Juve still have life in the Champions League. The transalpine picture


Switch to Messi that’s always news. Against Benfica, Christophe Galtier he decided to replace him ten minutes from the end of a game tomorrow. The French coach, however, removed any doubts in Da Luz when he was asked about that decision: “Leo He told me that he was a bit tired and it was important to have new players at that time”, argued the PSG coach who continues to share the lead with Benfica.

It has nothing to do with any damage. Messi He had no muscle problems but was simply tired after the continuous efforts on the pitch by the Lisbon team. He scored a rare goal in the first half and was seen in the participatory line at the beginning of the season, where he emerged as one of the great sensations of the team. except wonder, Leo will be available this coming weekend against Stade de Reims.

Source: La Verdad


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