Jovicevic: “We noticed the lack of experience”


Igor Joviviccoach of Shakhtar Donetskconsidered the 2-1 defeat against real Madrid in the Champions League it is due in part to “lack of experience” and, therefore, he considers that the more games of this demand they play, the “better” they will do in the future.

“It became a bit of everything. We noticed a little lack of experience at the beginning of the game. The Madrid He is deadly in transitions and we need a little bit to play these games. We are playing against the best in the world and cannot hide this situation. The more we play these games, the better we will go. I pray to God that we have these kinds of games that will make us grow as a team. There have been phases in which we have been the same or better”, he said at a press conference.

“The Madrid he forgave us on several occasions, but we also got into the game. We played a worthy role against the best in the world. What was not enough today, may be enough against other clubs”, he completed.

“The real Madrid He knows his strength. They don’t have to play very well to win the match. They won because of the great quality they had and because they dominated the game perfectly. There was no need to be too aggressive because they allowed us to combine and integrate ourselves”, he thought.

A jovivic who are confident that within six days they will get a positive visit from real Madridin a match to be played Warsaw (Poland) because of the war.

“Every game is important. We will analyze what happened today from an emotional aspect so as not to make simple mistakes and not give up. The second game in Warsaw with many Ukrainians inside the stadium it will help us. It will be easier to play because we have broken the ice in the game now”, he said.

In addition, the technician shaker praised the gesture made by the public Santiago Bernabeu applauded the Ukrainian team after the game.

“The public of real Madrid is always sovereign. He knows how to judge and respect and that’s what they did today. neither Vinicius neither Rodrygo they were what they are now in the first year; they are made based on these games, on falling and moving on. I tell my boys that they have to be proud to compete today”, he commented.

A party that, due to the invasion of Russia a Ukrainemeans more than that: “We’ve made a lot of fans of shaker who fight for the freedom of Ukraine. We have a civil responsibility to return the delivery to them in the field,” he declared.

Source: La Verdad


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