The Global Hozone makes history twice


It debuts this season with a solid win at the Cadi La Seu circuit, in its premiere in the highest category

Women’s basketball in the region of Murcia was cited in history last night. It was time to see a Murcian club in the highest tier of national basketball for the first time. Privilege and responsibility that fell on the Hozono Global Jairis, the sewer group that officially begins its journey in La Seu d’Urgell, to pay a visit to Cadí La Seu.

Koenen (15), Kovacevic, Raventos (7), Brotons, Blanquera (8), Ramette, Jubany (9), Pujol, Ramió (6), Strautmane, Kostourkova and Tunstull (6).

Arrojo (6), Lzarazu (13), Betencourt (8), Cotano, Brcaninovic, De Souza (4), Higgs (9), Sánchez Dávila, Marcella (4), Contell (6) and Seda (14).

Already in advance, the ingredients added complexity to the collision, not only because of the practically impregnable fief in which the Municipal Sports Palace of the Municipality of Lleida is built year after year. Also, it was possible to consider a block with fewer variations from last year, compared to a Jairis still under construction. However, the illusion was maximum.

Lucas Fernández started with Arrojo, Brcaninovic, Seda and Higgs and a Marina Lizarazu who scored the first two points for Jairis in the LF Endesa. But there’s no doubt that the initial fame fell on Tamara Seda, with five of the first seven points for her team and a fantastic display, although the local reaction came mainly from outside the perimeter.

Two consecutive baskets from Contell made it 11-11, which culminated in a first period marked by mistakes on offense, but also with defensive intensity as the dominant note. The undeniable proof of this would be La Seu’s first possession after the break, going 24 seconds short without finding the ring. Érika de Souza was responsible for tearing down the local boarding schools, while drafting her team four (11-15).

Also with few scoring, minutes followed in the second quarter, with the tie being held at 18 with three minutes to go before the break. Seda remained the reference in the paint, going to 11 points and contributing to the 24-26 that ended the first half.

He opened the third quarter with shooting talented Lashann Higgs, but two consecutive triples from La Seu turned the result (30-28). By contrast, the Jairistas hadn’t added a single three-point hit yet, ahead of the rival’s five. They did show solidity from the free throw, and halfway through Lizarazu also broke the dry period from outside (32-37). He did nothing but open the can, as on the next attack, Bettencourt did the same and forced Jordi Acero to stop the game (32-40).

It was believed to be the key moment to decide the meeting of the Jairista side. In the last minute of the quarter, the 10-point lead was exceeded and Bettencourt made the finishing touch with another triple (34-48). The difference rose to 14 points in the last 10 minutes, the sensations were practically unbeatable, but nothing had been said yet.

The final quarter opened with even better momentum, with Érika de Souza becoming a giant in defense, Higgs inventing an impossible basket and Arrojo playing the +18 in just one minute (34-52). Cadí La Seu could not find an answer.

Minutes passed, the scenario was the same. Hozono Global Jairis seemed to be the team established in the highest category, with improper automatisms for a team with eight out of eleven newcomers. With just over three minutes to go, the maximum difference was 19 points (41-60). It was a historic day in itself, but it also turned out to be a very happy evening for the Jairista family. Only the final disconnect made up for the result somewhat, which ended with 51-64.

Source: La Verdad


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