The Mar Menor jumps on the podium


Journalism. The Romea Theater in Murcia is hosting ‘Diario Vivo’ this Saturday, starring eight environmental stories

Miguel Ángel Ruiz defines ‘Diario Vivo’ as an “original, artistic and unconventional” show. The boss of LA TRUTH Weekend and author of the blog ‘Los pies en la tierra’ will be one of the storytellers going up to the stage this Saturday at 8 p.m. –tickets: €16, 20 and 24, discounts on Oferplan– the Teatro Romea de Murcia in the format ‘Diario Vivo’, a proposal that presents on stage a fleeting means of communication with stories to which various journalists and communicators make their voices heard. Under the title ‘Environmental stories told in the first person’, the Mar Menor plays a leading role on this occasion. “The public will be introduced to the history of the Mar Menor in an exciting way, with details that they did not know or did not remember and with a surprising musical accompaniment”, explains the journalist specialized in the area about a narration that comes in a very relevant moment: “When the environmental crisis is still raw and just when the law of legal personality of the Mar Menor has just come into force.”

The shows on ‘Diario Vivo’ are unrepeatable; however, this one, dedicated to the environment, exceptionally breaks the norm. After passing through the Alcázar Theater in Madrid, in May 2021, the format was repeated in Zaragoza in May of this year and arriving in Murcia on Saturday. Although it will not be the same, because there will be unique surprises.

“It is common for spectators to not know what they will find on stage, but they are never disappointed,” said Ruiz of a format that came to Spain after its success in the United States and other European countries and has already filled five years of theaters in Madrid. Leading communication professionals such as Iñaki Gabilondo, Rosa Montero or Sergio del Molino have gone through ‘Diario Vivo’. What little has been revealed about the proposal is known that “on Saturday the theater will turn into a forest for a few minutes thanks to Carlos de Hita, an expert in the sounds of nature.”

Source: La Verdad


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