Huge scare: Gasly could have fallen off a crane in Japan


In 2014, Jules Bianchi had an accident at the F1 Japanese GP that would cost him his life. The French driver derailed due to the rough conditions and collided with a tractor that was evacuating the vehicle from Adrian Subtle, which disappeared at turn 7 of the Japanese track. Jules’ subsequent death led to many changes in the FIA’s safety protocols and years later the ‘Halo’ (drivers head protector) was introduced as a mandatory feature in F1. It marked a before and after in F1, something that remained in everyone’s memory, so it seems incredible that in the same place, as well as in the wet, another similar situation occurred in Japanese F1 GP 2022.

After an uneventful discharge, including the abandonment of Carlos Sainz for suffering’hydroplaning‘ in turn 1, the race will be stopped on lap 3 with a red flag. before, Pierre Gasly had a terrible scare. In the ‘Safety Car’ on the track, with very poor visibility due to the rain, Pierre’s hair stood up when he realized that he had just passed very quickly by a crane he had never seen until that moment. Pierre, who stopped alone in the pits to wear heavy rain, recovers his position with respect to the ‘Safety Car’, where he is the last driver to pass a place where the tow truck. off, roll fast enough to lose the car and have a very dangerous accident.

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At that moment, the red flag panels were lit, but the crane was present, indicating that it must come off the tarmac before the race was stopped.

For this reason, the Frenchman, arriving in the pits, angrily got out of the car, complained clearly to the communication manager of his team, and later to his wall of engineers, warning of the extremely dangerous situation that he experienced and that filled with anger social networks, that everyone remembers the tragedy of Jules Bianchi.

“Is that a tractor? That’s unacceptable!!! What happened? I can’t believe it!”, blasted the radio as soon as it passed by the crane. Another tragedy could happen.

Source: La Verdad


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