Ancelotti confirmed that Benzema will start against Shakhtar


Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, announced this Monday in the press room of the stadium Legia of Warsawwhere the white team will face tomorrow shaker on matchday four of the group stage of Championsthat Karim Benzema will start against the Ukrainian team. “Karim is good and it’s clear that the match is about to start, as Cross Y Mendy. They’re rested, fresh, and they’re going to play.”

About Vinicius, the coach appreciates that he is not lined up against Shakhtar. “Vini is one of the players that I have to evaluate. He played all the games, he also played on Saturday night, and there is also a trip today,” he added. And related to Courtois, the white coach said that “he is better and we spoke with him before leaving Madrid. He will start training on Thursday to be ready for Sunday”.

Ancelotti praised Lunin, the goalkeeper who fulfills the difficult mission of covering the absence of Courtois. “I’m talking to him. He’s doing well. He’s young and has a lot of quality. These games help him gain experience and knowledge, which is what he lacks now. He has the quality of a great goalkeeper,” he stressed.

The merengue coach admitted that “Lunin is really shy. He doesn’t talk much and it’s normal that everything that happens in the war in his country affects him. It affects everyone. We can only be supportive of him and if he needs anything we will be there to help him.”

Carletto knows that his team can get mathematically at eighth among champions. “Qualifying the group stage is the first goal of the season. The sooner the better. This it can give you more energy for the national competition, but remember that Real Madrid in the Champions League cannot think about not playing a serious game. If we are lucky enough to get through tomorrow, we will play two full games and we want to win them,” he said.

The Italian coach also commented on the always-controversial rotation as “very complicated. The players are angry and each in his own way, but in this group everyone’s reaction was very positive. The reaction is that they are more focused on work and so far nothing has gone down. They fully respect the decision I make and that is the most important thing. You can be angry with the coach, but with the person it’s better than not.”

Ancelotti didn’t want to say if Hazard would get minutes tomorrow in Warsaw. “It may or may not start. I’m not very clear on the lineup. Those who haven’t played will play and the rest I will check with the coaching staff and the doctors.”

The Italian coach, finally, recognized thate “I didn’t see Barcelona’s game against Celta. Sometimes it can happen that you can win if you don’t deliver 100% in the matches. The motivational or mental aspect is very important. If you win by suffering, which is normal in football, you show character and competitiveness. Now the games are more equal. Almost all teams are well organized in defense and it is difficult for you to score. It’s hard to open the scoring in football today,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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