“Krone” asks voters – what do we expect from the president now?


In the final sprint, Alexander Van der Bellen went one step further. After counting all the votes, he came out at 56.71 percent. But what does the new old head of state do with the election victory – especially with the certainty that he won’t have to think about re-election in his second term? The “Krone” asked voters and experts about their wishes and Van der Bellens campaign manager Martin Radjaby-Rasset about VdB’s future plans.

During the election campaign, VdB stepped on the brakes because it did not want to offend any of its four supporters. “He must give the impression that he is intervening in a controlling way,” demands political expert Thomas Hofer. Finding the right dosage requires a lot of finesse. “Otherwise it becomes a political pawn,” Hofer says. The first sign that he wanted to get involved in crisis management was the creation of an energy advisory board.

More keynote addresses are scheduled
“He does not shy away from making sharp remarks, and he will hold federal and state governments accountable,” Radjaby announced. However, Van der Bellen is not a ‘highest chancellor who can intervene in the day-to-day business’, warns Radjaby. More keynote speeches are also planned. His speeches at the festivals in Bregenz and Salzburg should serve as a model.

Boys want a strong voice in politics
Van der Bellen knew that he lacked youth because of his age. He tried to take countermeasures: his candidacy was announced on TikTok. At the beginning of the election campaign, a student gave a speech. But he also denied the independence of 35-year-old Dominik Wlazny because of his age. An error. Dominik Wlazny showed that young people want a strong voice in politics.

‘We expect VdB to exert pressure’
This is also how the student association sees it: “We expect Van der Bellen to exert as much pressure as possible to prevent politicians from abandoning young people in these challenging times.”

Wants to focus on democracy
Federal school spokeswoman Flora Schmudermayer is also concerned with “democratic education”. Van der Bellen wants to put democracy at the heart of his tenure. “More and more people are turning away from democracy and feeling that they have nothing more to say,” explains Radjaby. Van der Bellen wants to win back the frustrated.

Source: Krone


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