“Train hunters” – Lukashenko feels threatened by Poland


On Monday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko accused the Ukrainian government of planning an attack on his country. Shortly afterwards, he also stated that he felt threatened by Poland and Lithuania. These would, for example, train “radical fighters”.

“The training of fighters, including Belarusian radicals, in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine for sabotage, terrorist attacks and organizing a military mutiny in the country is becoming a direct threat,” Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko said. He met with military representatives on Monday. As reported, he had previously accused the Ukrainian government of planning an attack on Belarus.

Lukashenko announced that a joint force with Russian soldiers would therefore be formed. It is stationed in Belarus and consists of more than 100 people and will provide an answer to the increasing tensions on the border with Ukraine. The US and European Union governments would like to “make the situation worse”, for example by hosting refugees from Belarus. A second front could even be planned at the border, Lukashenko said.

Poland recommends leaving Belarus
Meanwhile, the Polish government has advised its citizens to leave Belarus. “We recommend that Polish citizens in Belarus leave the country by private vehicle or by public transport,” the government said on its website. She also advises against traveling to Belarus in general. Poland and Lithuania are members of NATO and each share a border with their neighbour.

Belarus is considered a close ally of Russia and has made its territory available for troops against Ukraine. If Belarusian soldiers are deployed, this could lead to new escalations.

Source: Krone


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