Shakhtar-Real Madrid: Football against the enemy


When a football match is played in the shadow of a war, it is difficult to put the focus on the ball. But since not doing so means acquiescing to those who bet on terrorism, the Shakhtar-Real Madrid it is something else.

And it is that as soon as they left the field, the 22 protagonists received a mosaic where the flags of Polandthe host country of the meeting, and of Ukraine They came together as their borders do, forming a sweet image in front of all the horrors seen on the planet’s televisions every day.

That is an extra dose of strength for the players of shakerUkrainians in their great majority, who found in football the respite that the war did not give them.

That’s why tonight’s result against real Madrid, current champion, is the smallest of these and can – rather should – be understood in many ways beyond sports. The most important thing: that football also serves as an antidote against the enemy, although I wish it would never happen again.

Source: La Verdad


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