The Al-Thani do not testify and the judge begins to process the international arrest warrant


The sheikh’s defense also fails to appear, while the prosecution also assures that Abdullah Al-Thani could be in the UK treating pancreatitis

All the prophecies were fulfilled from the first hour of this Monday and the Al-Thani was not present at the summons they had in the Court of Instruction number 14 of the City of Justice of Malaga. They were unlikely to show up, which led to the judge agreeing to initiate the international arrest warrant proceedings for the sheikh and his three children under investigation, according to what the Small Shareholders’ lawyer assured on leaving. the courts. APA), Francisco Valverde.

The Public Prosecution Service has also requested that these proceedings be initiated to arrest the Al-Thani. “We will be handed over to the parties to the ruling so that we can make the legal charges in this regard and execute this arrest warrant,” Valverde said. It is foreseeable that this procedure will take a relatively long time, but will culminate in this drastic decision against the sheikh and his sons, who have avoided being questioned at all times in an investigation in which they are charged with several outstanding crimes.

Also notable is the absence of Al-Thani’s lawyer, Vanessa González Lledó, because it was surprising that she was not present at the summons. In fact, the prosecution has requested that the lawyer should explain and prove why she did not appear, so that the corresponding disciplinary action is taken in her case, according to the same sources.

In this appointment, the Public Prosecution Service also mentioned information requested by the judge about the whereabouts of al-Thani. Valverde himself said Eurojust had confirmed the sheikh’s presence in the UK to treat pancreatitis. Now they are trying to confirm the exact place he went and whether he is still there, which could lead to his arrest in the future, in case he remains on British soil.

It should be noted that the judge made a recording in the room to comment on what happened Monday morning in connection with the Al-Thani’s absence. Also, the magistrate of the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, met with the bailiff of Malaga a few minutes before this appointment to analyze the situation of the entity.

The appointment was attended by three representatives of the APA (Antonio Aguilera, Javier Olmedo and the aforementioned Valverde), and lawyers from other parties.

Source: La Verdad


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