Ivan Sosa: “We closed the season in the best way possible”


The Colombian Ivan Ramiro Sosa He happily celebrated his absolute victory at Langkawi tourthus closing “in the best possible way” a “difficult” season with the Spanish team, where he saw his permanence in the world cycling category at risk.

“I thank all my teammates and all that make up Movistar for all the support these days since I was able to wear the yellow shirt. They were difficult days, where the peloton it has not been easy for us, but we were able to close this 2022 in the best possible way, to achieve a second title and have the best energy for what will come in the coming seasons, after a difficult campaign,” said Colombian cyclist at the finish line.

Sosa (Pasca, 24 years old), stressed the moral blow for himself and for the team, who had a whole season ending in important victories.

“Now I have to think about recovery, but the morale that the victory gives us will help a lot. Moreover, we can keep alive the tradition of Colombian winners here in Asia, which is very good,” he added.

Sosa also highlighted the difficulty of the final day, where a breakaway complicated the situation.

“More than a nervous day, it was a very fast and difficult day. It became very difficult to control because the runners running were very strong and having the race controlled was difficult. The rivals did not do things easy for us. things. That’s why this victory is even better”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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