Richarlison’s injury remains a fear


the brazilian Richarlisonof Tottenham Hotspurwill be out for two weeks due to the muscle injury he sustained this Sunday.

The striker, who left the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on crutches and crying, he was afraid of missing the next one Qatar World Cupbut the tests he went through revealed that he would only be out for two weeks.

His trainer, Anthony Conteit was already confirmed this Monday that the Brazilian will not miss the worldthat the injury is not serious and he hopes to give him a few minutes before he is included on the list of Auntie for international appointment.

It is his own Richarlison which was pronounced this Tuesday to clarify any doubts.

“Thank God, it was just a scare. Two weeks and I’ll be back,” the striker said on his social networks.

Brazil will announce its final list for world in early November and expected Richarlisonwho signed this summer for Tottenham for 60 million pounds (66 million euros), is in it.

Source: La Verdad


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