Ancelotti: “We are not worried about Benzema”


After the ‘in-extremis’ success of real Madrid he is new Seville, Carlo Ancelotti go to the press room Santiago Bernabeu with a clear message about your team’s game. “In the first half we did well but in the second we lowered the level. Fortunately, the changes have given the team energy and a lot more confidence.”

Faith Valverde’s situation

“Fede suffered a blow to his leg and it bothers him a little. I don’t know if he will be there for Tuesday’s game. Nor Karim and he will be back on Sunday against Girona”.

attitude of the bank

“Their attitude is spectacular. When they enter the second half and they do so well, they show that the squad shows they are healthy. You have to keep working and you can’t stop”.

most reliable equipment

“It’s a team I like to train because it doesn’t give me problems and is very respectful. As a squad it’s one of the best if not the best I’ve had in my entire career”.

Benzema situation

“Karim is very important to us. The health of the squad is so good that they were able to replace a player as important as him and that means he will be important in the second season.”

Bet on Valverde

“Last year he only scored one and so I took a lot of risk asking him to score ten goals and he did very well. I rarely bet on players.”

Concern for Benzema

“I’m not worried because he had very little things yesterday. It’s true that he doesn’t have much continuity but Karim is healthy and motivated”.

Ballon d’Or for Valverde

“We have to wait a bit with Valverde. Karim has the Ballon d’Or and we’ll see if he’s here next year, it could be.”

Role of Marco Asensio

“He is not adapting to being a substitute because he can play as a starter. He is playing little and of course he deserves more.”

Source: La Verdad


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