Verstappen breaks another record and Alpine, the illusions


Verstappen breaks another record and Alpine, the illusions

One of the most boring races of the season left the Dutchman as the driver with the most wins in a season and Alonso with a huge disappointment, who left six laps from the finish.

Those wanting to see a show at the Mexican Grand Prix, arguably one of the liveliest of the season, were deeply disappointed after it was arguably one of the most boring races on the track. Max Verstappen barely struggled to take his 14th win of the year, making him the most podium finisher in a single campaign. Behind it two legends such as Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher who won thirteen races in their best competitive years.

The Dutchman triumphed in a test in which he did not even have to push, but had to save himself. Pirelli was in charge of turning this Mexican Grand Prix into a stupor that allowed fans only moments not to fall asleep. Even bustling Foro Sol was not what it used to be on other occasions, as Sergio Pérez, who like his partner and Lewis Hamilton finished third behind two champions, had his day: Red Bull failed in a pit stop and prevented him from going for anything else. to fight.

It was a test of fictional suspense, to the point where a fight for the thirteenth or fourteenth drew more eyes than the one above. In any case, there could be seen how a touch between Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda left the Japanese KO. In the meantime, even the Ferraris were out of the game as Carlos Sainz was soon in a comfortable fifth position in which he finished. There was little or nothing to say about that, as yet another malfunction in the pits of those in red was not too serious this time.

While it was a bad result for him to finish fifth, Fernando Alonso would have drawn it well. And it is that the Spaniard again became a suitable victim for Alpine’s abusive lack of reliability.

The summary of Alonso’s participation in the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome was “again”. Again, Alpine’s lack of reliability struck the Spaniard in a race where, without making any of his best performances, he was setting up a fairly serious race. Without getting into trouble, temporizing with strategy (he tried to come to a stop as he was clear it was a more than achievable bet), his car broke down with six laps to go.

Once again the Alpine A522 was primed with car 14, something Alonso had lamented long ago in yet another blunder of the blue cars. He struggled in a decent seventh that would allow him to tighten up the standings even more and his battle with Esteban Ocon, when the car started to fail. That couldn’t be, he told himself, because Ricciardo was passed on to him first and then to the rest. Standing in front of the stadium, Alonso let go of the car and stopped it. Fist in the air, despair at throwing on the tires… What he feared happened again.

It was not a good weekend for Alpine, far from it, and these problems were foreseeable. Since Saturday they noticed that the car was getting too hot and they had to make some extra holes, which was not good news. Alonso and Ocon didn’t qualify as high as they could, and it showed in the race. With no speed, no possibility of overtaking, they only had to put in 71 laps… and not even that. Alonso’s radio, just before closing his entry, was a clear “what a season” summarizing the despair of the Spaniards. He couldn’t even finish the race, which is the worst that could happen to him, and that will be his 74th retirement from Formula 1.

The best news for the Asturian, and for everyone else, is that the wounds will heal in fifteen days. The Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​coming up, which will soon be more fun than what was seen in Mexico, and which will also have a double chance to score, as there is a sprint format.

Source: La Verdad


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