Kroos does not forget Guardiola


Tony Croos midfielder of Real Madrid, recalling the victory achieved in the latter Championswhere he thought they did not have “a team to win the title”, but based on the returns in the second leg at Santiago Bernabeu He admits they went from being “almost dead” to signing a deed.

“I can’t even explain it,” he confessed in an interview with George Valdano. “The laps at the Bernabéu have a big influence on rivals, you can almost die and one action changes your confidence, that of the rival and the atmosphere in the stadium. I have never seen anything like this and it was three times”.

“I saw that it was very difficult to win Champions, reaching the quarterfinals we can say we did well. We don’t have a team to win, get out Sergio Ramos the signing of Mbappe which gave us extra quality. I’m not sure if I have the team to win the Champions League, the draws will put you against the best teams in Europe And I thought that every day was more difficult. I was surprised how we got out of complicated situations and in the end we deserved to win,” he evaluated.

Kroos did not hesitate when choosing between the five European Cups he won his career and the World Cup with Germany. “I will stay for five European Cups, I like perseverance and winning five in eight years is very special,” he told ‘Universo Valdano’.

His football philosophy

The German midfielder left examples of his football philosophy and his passion for possession. “If they give me the choice to touch the ball forty times and score one goal or touch it a hundred times, I prefer one hundred and help develop my team’s game properly”.

“Having the ball is much better than running after it. I’m more comfortable having it. In Carlo Y Zidane the idea has changed a bit. Today we have more possession than nine years ago, but we also have the ability at times of a receiving game that we will not have the ball to make counterattacks”, he analyzed.

Before arriving at Real Madrid he suffered in the ranks of Bayern The strength of Madrid. “I remember in 2013 when I faced Bayern in Madrid of Carlo, companion Guardiola being my coach. This is successful football but with weaknesses. We have 80% ownership in Bernabeu and we lost 1-0 after going 0-4 at home. This has changed now with many players wanting the ball and not just running. I tried to change that idea.

Heynckes, the most decisive coach of his career

directed to Jupp Heynckes as the most decisive coach of his career. “He saw from the first day the talent I had but he made me work to help in defense. He was the most important coach, the first to give me confidence.”

And he recalled the moment he decided to swap Bayern for Real Madrid. “Guardiola He fought until the last day of my stay, I really enjoyed the year with him, he improved me a lot but I had to decide on a contract for five more years and he was the one to leave suddenly. It was a decision of many years that made it easier for me to leave, they didn’t want to pay what I wanted and I decided to leave.”

“I got to real Madrid and I don’t know what will happen, it’s a big decision for the club, the biggest in the world, also for leaving my country for the first time. You have to adapt to the club and to life abroad. I am 24 years old and I am very happy with how they received it. I only trained twice and I was a starter in one Super Cup“, he recalled at the beginning of a career in white that made him a legendary midfielder in the history of Madrid.

Source: La Verdad


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