Career, a long-suffering movie with a happy ending


Always career induces special sensations, combining overflowing passion with suffering. This is an undisputed giant, who for various reasons usually suffers more than indicated before catching the success he deserves. Now, this 2022, that albiceleste maxim has been reconfirmed. there is the ‘Academy’ shouting champion, celebrating, all after a year marked by an unusual series of obstacles. It’s an amazing movie with a happy ending. The Champion’s trophy for the Career it costs so much that it can be a hinge for the club, for its coach and for the players…

It was consistent from January until the start of the final with Boca in San Luis. Every soccer fan agrees on this: “The race is the Argentine team that performs the best, but there is always something going on here.”

Naa South American Cup were eliminated from the group zone in an unusual home game losing to a River of Uruguay very modest and no chance to qualify. Naa Argentinian Cup he was sacked by a rival in the Second Division, agricultural, also limited, very low. The blow was missing, the unprecedented definition of the Argentine league, when in Avellaneda cylinder wasted late penalty against River Plate that no referee asked to be kicked and ended up giving the title Mouth.

is Champion’s trophy. I played as runner-up in the league. the opponent is Mouth, the two-time champion. The xeneizes, who previously asked to play the types of cups that represent a game and add a star, tried to downplay it in the entirety of the previous one by showing their two trophies won in League Cup (he just deleted it career by penalties in the semis, after dominating) and in the League.

taunts of Mouth raised the temperature of an already hot classic of contrasting styles: Boca de grayer Hugo Ibarra, flight is empty but full of efficiency; the Career of Fernando Gagofull of offensive quests but no titles.

A final with eight evicted!

career he won it in the epilogue of overtime and his victory was huge because Mouth he didn’t know how to lose and some of his players exploded until they got expulsion. The game ended early as the xeneizes were left with six players. They are out of control so some wanted to go to receive the runner-up medals along with the two cups won in 2022. The vice president stopped them Juan Roman Riquelme.

The role of Mouth promoted the conquest of career, who also suffered two evictions. All are boosted to ‘Academy’, starting with the healthy football project. This is the first title of Fernando Gago as a coach, a former Mouthwhich was asked because the team was disarmed so far back and for some noticeable changes during the games.

Although he didn’t play saint louis since he was wounded, the assignment also represents a revenge for Enzo Copetti, the goal scorer after not requesting the execution of a decisive penalty against river in the league. You have to see the tears and the exit of the striker as his teammates crowned the victory Mouth.

For something to celebrate career It’s too much even on its official networks. The fixed tweet is maintained with a message: “There are many champions, only one is the best performer.” But there are other posts: “The good game wins, soccer is revived, the ball is reborn…”. And one who made a mark of what was harvested: “career in 2022: 1st in the annual table, lost only 5 games in 41 at local level, unbeaten in 90’​​​​ League Cup2nd team with most goals scored (66), 1st with fewest goals conceded (34), champion of Champion’s trophy”. There is even a mockery post Riquelme: “Happy racing’!!!”. That’s already known Roman when he pronounces the word happy he doesn’t include the “z”.

The Champion’s trophy not covering the lost league, but restoring calm and credit to all career to start a new path. Without this title for everyone it would be very difficult. However, there was a coronation. Then there will be ‘Academy’ in 2023, betting on Liberatorsdreaming of enjoying another movie with a happy ending, although less misery.

Source: La Verdad


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