3-1: Independiente del Valle, Cup champion in Ecuador


Free Valley was crowned this Tuesday the champion of Ecuadorian Cupthe second professional tournament of Ecuadorian soccer, by defeating the visitor 3-1 October 9. On his side, El Nacional, is in second place in the last home run of the Ecuador Cup and qualified for the next edition of the Copa Libertadores.

Independiente del Valle’s superiority led them to dominate from the start of the match with outstanding performances from their central defenders, Argentinians Mateo Carabajal and Richard Schunke, who scored the first two goals, while the third is Jaime Ayoví.

The first came from the left side, where Júnior Sornoza provided a precise assist for Carabajal to beat the resistance of the Paraguayan goalkeeper, Rubén Escobar, in 2 minutes. The second goal came with the same formula, the attacker Jaime Ayoví assisted Schunke who, with great maneuvering, fooled the goalkeeper and finished at will in the 30th minute. goal. visiting goalkeeper, in the 59th minute.

On October 9, which ended in relegation in the Pro League -the other Ecuadorian professional tournament-, he saved a penalty from Jefferson Montero in the 85th minute.


3 – Valley Independent: Moises Ramirez; Mateo Carabajal, Richard Schunke, Luis Segovia; Matías Fernández (m.77, Joao Ortiz), Cristian Pellerano, Lorenzo Faravelli (m.77, Fernando Gaibor), Jhoanner Chávez (m.66, Beder Caicedo); Marco Angulo (m.77, Danny Cabezas), Júnior Sornoza and Jaime Ayoví (m.66, Jonathan Bauman)
October 19: Ruben Escobar; Nixon Folleco (m.69, Kevin Peralta), Kevin Becerra, Manuel Lucas, Orlin Quiñónez; José Luis Cazares, Marco Mosquera (m.73, Eder Cetré), Renny Jaramillo, Mauro Da Luz (m.73, Jefferson Montero); Glendys Mina (m.57, Jardel Cortéz) and Joao Paredes (m.57, Gualberto Caicedo)
The objectives: 1-0, m.2: Mateo Carabajal. 2-0, m.30: Richard Schunke. 3-0, m.59: Jaime Ayoví. 3-1, m.85: Jefferson Montero, from a penalty
Referee: Guillermo Guerrero, from Ecuador, advised Paredes, Cazares, Chávez and Jaramillo.
Incidents: Match of the single final of the Ecuador Cup between Independiente del Valle and 9 de Octubre, played this Tuesday at the ‘Atahualpa’ Olympic Stadium in Quito

Source: La Verdad


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