Simeone benched Nahuel Molina after half an hour


That’s strange Diego Pablo Simeon make a change as early as you did in this case. Nahuel Molina He barely lasted half an hour in the match Atletico Madrid argued against Royal Majorca at the stadium They are Moix.

The Argentine international left the field, without seeming to be in any discomfort, in the 29th minute of the match. i enter Angel strap for him and her cholos he has to redraw the team. delayed in Mark Llorentewho started as a midfielder, and belt He went to occupy a place in the core.

A change that raises questions. Nahuel Molina saw a yellow card after 14 minutes of play after being swept Kang-In Lee. Since then, it has been exposed in one of the places where the Royal Majorca. So also Simeon perhaps he would prefer not to risk an early dismissal that would leave the team in the doldrums.

Although it may also have something to do with the initial goal of the Balearic team. Why there, Molina is not forced to bad clearance of cloudwas allowed to win the action of a James Costa to attend Muriqi for 1-0. The Argentine defender was not alone, it was a chain of mistakes by the defense and the goalkeeper, but it gave the feeling that he was one of those who could do more in action.

This is not the first time that the Argentine has returned immediately, having signed the same course as €20 million from UdineseYou find yourself in such a situation. The South American is a footballer with a better offensive face than a defensive one, where he suffers more than necessary, as seen in the first goal of witches in Jan Breydel. Or the bad clearance that caused the first goal of Villarreal in Metropolitan.

Source: La Verdad


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