Real Madrid may denounce Fali’s alleged aggression


There are many complaints about the alleged assault of Fali last night at Rodrygo in the early part of Real Madrid-Cadiz. The action that the international referee Soto Grado did not see live and from the VOR room, where Jaime Latre was present last night, did not consider it a reason for the expulsion of the Cadiz player, who was reprimanded for in his brush with Vinicius, reprimanded too.

On the one hand, there is the question of why the VAR did not come into action, in the face of a possible expulsion, and what the protocol of the technological tool allows. Action that if it is analyzed like other plays and as consulted by this newspaper, it can be punished by expulsion but never in terms of excessive aggression which is commented. If there is a colleja from Cadiz but not a blow. A move that will certainly be examined at this Friday’s seminar for professional soccer referees and assistants.

But Real Madrid has another tool to persuade the Competition Committee to study the action, even if it is not in the minutes. And this is happening because the white club decided to report it to the federal disciplinary body. Article 22 makes it clear about the initiation of a disciplinary procedure. And in the same it states that it will be initiated “By order of the competent body ex officio, at the request of the interested party, or at the request of the Higher Sports Council.” If the white club objects, an extraordinary mandatory procedure must be opened to analyze this action. What happens is that there is an agreement between all professional clubs not to denounce professional league rivals.

Only the Competition Committee can enter ex officio

So there would only be the option that the Competition Committee itself entered ex officio because of their seriousness. In this case, the corresponding exceptional file must also be opened with the subsequent appointment of an instructor who must submit a proposal to the Competition Committee: “The decision that initiates the disciplinary file will contain the appointment of the instructor, who must be licensed /year or Graduated of the Law, which will govern its processing”.

But it is also not the policy of the disciplinary body to enter ex officio. In fact, this current body never entered ex officio, nor the previous one led by Francisco Rubio.

The last precedent was when Jose Mourinho put his finger in the eye of the evil Tito Vilanova on August 17, 2011. It was at the end of the Spanish Super Cup at Camp Nou and the disciplinary body stepped in because of the extreme seriousness. what happened

Source: La Verdad


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