The RFEF does not allow playing in the Municipal Stadium of Cartagonova


The rural entity’s technicians do not allow play on the field’s battered grass, according to ‘7RM’

The Copa del Rey match between El Algar and Celta cannot be played at the Municipal Stadium of Cartagonova. That’s how ‘7RM’ has progressed this morning. The technicians of the Spanish Football Association believe that the battered state of the grass is not sufficient to play a cup match and do not authorize the game to be played there.

The media objectified the appearance of the mat this morning. The alderman for sports, Álvaro Valdés, told this newspaper that the grass was getting “better”. At first glance, the appearance is still quite thin. The Bermuda grass seed had been partially removed and the ryegrass started to grow, but it wouldn’t arrive in time for two days. The area closest to the grandstand band is by far the most affected.

Source: La Verdad


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