Poland fired the bodyguard who was supposed to protect Lewandowski and his companions


The Polish Football Association announced this Saturday through an official statement that Dominik Gruszewskialias’crane‘, will not be the bodyguard of Robert Lewandowski and his teammates during the World Cup in Qatar, as designated by the governing federation, “until the competent authorities and state services establish the credibility of the information in the media, which to date has not been confirmed. nor proven”.

Controversy arose when the media Wirtualna Polska published that crane He is a prominent Polish neo-Nazi militant accused of belonging to a criminal gang, providing photographs in which he appears to display his neo-Nazi ideology and announcing that he has an open cause for spreading Nazism and organizing battles.

Poland justified its decision “because a national team preparing to participate in the final tournament of the world championship must be calm and in appropriate conditions that allow them to focus only on sports matters. Any unverified information and events that disrupt the rhythm of preparations for World Cup They can hurt the team. So, concerned for the good of the team, the decision has been made to clarify all the circumstances and doubts in this regard.”

And a crack at the National Stadium

Another official statement from the Polish federation clarified another mess. Poland’s last preparation match before the World Cup will not take place in National Stadium as planned due to a construction defect. The Polish Football Association said that the match against chilli on Wednesday 16-N will move to Stadium of Warsaw Legia. The Minister of Sports, Kamil Bortniczuk, explained that the architects and builders of the National Stadium have advised the immediate closure of the venue as it requires urgent renovations. A recent annual inspection revealed a growing crack in one of the metal structures supporting the roof. Experts will present repair plans on Monday, he said bortniczuk.

Source: La Verdad


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