Marcos Paulo began to show his head in Spanish football


The Atletico Madrid He has a good number of loans that he monitors. One of them is Mark Paul The young Brazilian player seems to be starting to show his head in European football.

After the first campaign in ‘old continent’ to forget, where he was assigned to famalicao Portuguese with almost no presence, his second season on loan seems to have paid off more.

His balance last season summed up to 991 minutes between the first team and the subsidiary of famalicaowith a common goal, against Vitoria de Guimarães, in a qualifying match for Revelation Cup. He participated in 22 games, only ten as a starter (two of them second team). The footballer received harsh criticism from the first team coach and stopped participating from February 12 until the end of the course. His adaptation was not what was imagined.

Today, in Mirandés, hand in hand Joseba Etxeberria, seems to rely on trust. Right now, with more minutes, which is not a little. In 12 league games with the team from Burgos, he started seven of them. Plus another one Copa del Rey

Exactly in the end, the Brazilian in debt from Atlético Madrid, He is one of the authors of the two-purpose box exteberria scored against him Vimenor. For him there are already two goals and two assists so far this season. And a total of 778 minutes.

After the crash, the player also took a photo with fans and members of the team’s ‘staff’. Viño de Piélagos, in Cantabria.

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The Atletico Madrid he still has high hopes for the young Brazilian player. Let’s remember that he arrived a few courses ago, free, after a complicated signing, which comes fluminense. The footballer is the big hope of the Brazilian team to give an economic hit by seeing the development of the player, something that has been seen since he was just a teenager, as he developed in the youth system of three colors.

At 17, he has a termination clause of at least 45 million. Many European teams are interested in him, Torino, Parma, Juventus, Marseille, Lyon… He bet her Athletic despite the fact that it was difficult for him to stay without playing for half a year since Fluminense saw that he would not renew and that he would go to the rojiblanco team for free, he was ‘punished’.

The player is among the 60 finalists for the prestigious award ‘Golden Boy’ which is awarded every year to the promises of world football, several seasons ago.

Source: La Verdad


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