Rodrygo’s relationship with the Champions: he has some legends to reach


Rodrygo is going with the Champions a special idyll. The Brazilian, when he listens to the magic symphony of the tournament, has changed and his numbers prove it. In fact, this course, his goals are just in Europe: in view of Inter, shaketar Y Chelsea.

But it is that in the previous two campaigns (19/20 and 20/21) the ex’s saints He also stood out in the UEFA competition scoring nothing more and nothing less than a hat-trick in his debut in a match against Galatasaray who finished 6-0 for Real Madrid.

He has legends on his hands

In total, he made 32 appearances in this competition and scored 9 goals (an average of 0.28 per game). While he has played 111 league games and scored 14 goals, representing an average of 0.12 goals per game.

So, and at just 21 years old, he will soon catch up with the real legends of such competition Zidanewho scored 13 goals in his entire career, or Ronaldowho signed 16. Even 18, double his number Rodrygo in just three years, this is what Ronaldinho signed during his tenure Barcelona and in Milan.

So, the race Rodrygo sa Championsif it continues like this, it aims to be one of the important if it continues to maintain that pleasantness along with Big ears.

Source: La Verdad


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