Foden had to play with an intricate bandage


He was one of the stars in the first leg played on Etihad Stadium and in return it matches between Atletico Madrid and the City of Manchesterdisputed in Wanda Metropolitan, he is also the star in the initial section, yes, he is very sorry. We are talking Phil Fodenthe talented youth squad of the English team.

The footballer has to play a large part of the match with an intricate bandage on his head. Foden there was a cut in a jump on Philip for a divided ball. Because the Brazilian was taller and more powerful in this fate, he jumped higher and hit the English player’s head with his shoulder.

Although the players from the visiting team asked for a yellow card from the referee, the matter ended in nothing, although sometimes it seemed that the player from city I did not continue. In fact, Oily she was furious for a good stretch of time waiting to see if her partner could move on.

Source: La Verdad


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