Legendary Allyson Felix has announced her retirement


The American sprinter Allyson Felixthe most successful female athlete in history, both at the Olympic Games and at the World Cup, announced on Wednesday that she will retire at the end of this season, at the age of 36.

“I gave everything I had in the career and, for the first time, I wasn’t sure I had anything else to give (…)”, he told Instagram the specialist of the 200 and 400 meters, seven -time Olympic champion.

The 13-time world champion became an advocate for working mothers after the birth of her daughter, Camrynby emergency C-section in 2018.

In a bit of opinion for New York Times said he faces salary cuts from sponsors, including Nikethen have her daughter and compete in Tokyo with shoes from her own line ‘saysh ‘.

“This season I’m running for women,” Felix said. “I will run for a better future for my daughter. I will run for you.”

Source: La Verdad


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