Costa Rica accuses Iraq in a statement


The Costa Rican Football Federation (FCRF) this Wednesday canceled the friendly match scheduled for Thursday at Iraq due to the non-compliance of the authorities of that country with an agreement related to the entry of the Central American delegation.

“The fight against Iraq has been suspended. An agreement made with the passport stamp was not respected and for this reason it was decided not to enter Iraq and cancel the fight,” the Federation said briefly about this promise to be. the last test for Costa Rica before the World Cup in Qatar.

The Iraqi government wants to stamp the passports of the Costa Rican delegation upon entry, which could cause subsequent inconveniences for their players, coaches, and managers during their visits to other countries.

The sports and administrative delegation, which has been concentrated in Kuwait for a week, arrived by land at the border between that country and Iraq.

According to the Costa Rican Football Federation, the agreement to play the match in the Iraqi city of Basra has not been fulfilled and the delegation will return by bus to Kuwait to finish their preparations and travel to Doha next Friday to play the World Cup.

Costa Rica debuts on November 23 with Spain, then they face Japan on the 27th and close the group stage on December 1 against Germany.

Source: La Verdad


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