Concern in Belgium about his defensive performance


The choice of Belgiumsemifinalist in the last World Cup, is one of the best posters a priori in Qatar World Cup. However, now he is not experiencing good times. His last loss, this Friday in a friendly match Egypt, is another symptom of the problems that the Belgian team must face. And it is that some key players at a defensive level are veterans and this causes some fear in the environment of the ‘red devils’. This is the central case Verthongen (35 years) and alderweireld (33 years). the edge Meunier he is 31, although he remains in good shape, and witsellpivot, has 33. Especially in the case of the defense axis, doubts weigh on the team’s performance recently.

But apart from this situation, there is another problem with the combo of Robert Martinez. Thibaut Courtois He is the best goalkeeper in the world, as he showed of late Champions League with the real MadridBut it’s not 100 percent. The Belgian goalkeeper has already missed several games for the white team this season, both League like champion, due to back problems, particularly sciatica on the left side.

The problem was that the pain caused by that sciatica radiated down his left leg. In fact, Courtois even missed the Classic he is new boat. Finally, the Belgian was able to play in the League with Madrid before leaving with his team, but he was not at his peak. In summary, Belgium He has gunpowder but his defensive support is not going through its best moment.

Source: La Verdad


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