Hazard: “Germany would have done better not to protest and win their game”


The decision of FIFA in collusion with the Qatari government to ban the captains of various World Cup teams from wearing bracelets’OneLove‘ as a protest against the violation of various human rights in the country hosting the World Cup is raising a lot of controversy. With the threat of punishment for those carrying the yellow band, the captains and their respective federations backtracked on their decision.

however, Germany He protested with an image that went around the world before his match in Japan. The starting eleven posed in the team photo with their hands over their mouths in protest, a gesture that sparked all kinds of debate and drew criticism from the team. flipwhich was defeated by the Japanese team.

One of the most critical is Eden Hazardcaptain of Belgium. “I don’t feel comfortable talking about all this because I’m here to play football. I don’t want to start the game with a yellow card, it will be uncomfortable for the rest of the tournament,” said the player from Madrid on the French channel RMC.

The winger also referred to the Germans’ decision to protest before the game against Japan and suggested they could be thrown into the middle. “Then they lost the game. It would have been better that they didn’t and won. We are here to play football, not to send political messages,” the Belgian captain settled.

Source: La Verdad


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