One week, Athletic!


In recent days, there have been two important decisions at Athletic: the replacement of the Foundation, where the two visible leaders of the same during the mandate of Aitor Elizegi were replaced “without relief”, and the dismissal of Bingen Arostegi, as coach of Bilbao Athletic, and the subsequent signing of Álex Pallarés to work in the subsidiary’s bank

In the first case, almost six months was enough to decide on a change of course, which was not expected when, during the meeting of the members of the delegate in October, Jon Vázquez Eguskiza, director of the Foundation, explained and thought of work. of the Foundation without saying bye.

As for the subsidiary, the eligibility situation has been key in speeding up a decision that has been repeated in recent years. The eternal debate on whether the formative or the competition will prevail in the last step before the first team, in the air. You may have one point of view or another, but always the same. Curiously based on cronyism or comfort or not on directive on duty, the positioning is different. The newspaper library is very secretive.

Deep knowledge of the club’s courage and a stretch of null official competition from the first team, by the way, lend themselves to more decisions. It’s time to address and tie up renewals before they become complicated by entering the final year of a contract like Iñigo Martínez’s or studying possible changes in other departments. Let’s not take it for granted. By the way, when is the press conference? It’s not bad to be able to ask Jon Uriarte.

The world cup

Of course, also dedicate some lines to the world’s main sporting event with the Olympic Games and it will occupy us until the end of the year. It is not necessary to influence again the absurdity of carrying this business to such countries as these, or that even they had the attention of the world for a few days; His regime, his lifestyle and his lack of respect for human rights will never meet the approval of an otherwise healthy society.

Having said that, the burden of responsibility and exemplary duty placed on the shoulders of football seems unfair to me, and that was not done, without continuing, in the 2015 Handball World Cup, also played Right. there, though some don’t even remember it or shout to heaven at that moment.

Soccer certainly has the capacity to reach billions of people, but those who practice it and prepare for years with passion to play in a World Cup cannot be held accountable or required to bear the responsibility of changing things: it is the other whose it is. belong.

Similarly, and more, trying to call for a boycott and for football fans to stop watching an event of this magnitude on television. We have always seen World Cups, with equally contested places and moments. The way to change things is different.

And of course, the beginning of change involves not giving the organization of another event to these companies, not doing harm to those who want to watch football. An opinion.

If nothing goes wrong, here in seven days.

Source: La Verdad


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