After a protest in Fuschl – this is how Red Bull reacted to the Ukrainian activists


A group of protesters criticized the company’s activities in Russia with a banner in front of Red Bull’s headquarters in Fuschl (Salzburg). Now the company has responded…

Activists unveiled a huge banner in front of Red Bull’s headquarters in Fuschl on Thursday. You see: Vladimir Putin, who rides a bull with a bare chest based on the company logo.

The goal of the protesters: to criticize the company’s activities in Russia. Because Red Bull is still available in supermarkets in Russia, the activists of the “Ukraine Solidarity Project” write on a website specially set up for the protest. Red Bull bosses are “happy to continue paying taxes to the Kremlin regime” and indicated that Putin’s war in Ukraine is not an obstacle to profits.

When asked by Krone, Red Bull said of the protest: “Red Bull ceased all marketing activities and new investments in Russia in early March 2022 and complies with all EU and US sanctions.”

Activists appeal to 670 Red Bull athletes
In their letter, the activists also address the 670 Red Bull athletes from all kinds of sports. These should influence their sponsor to completely stop Russian activities. The activists also released an open letter to the heir of the company’s founder, Mark Mateschitz, and company bosses.

This is important for a company where image is everything. “You are hereby granting your legitimacy to the regime in the Kremlin,” the letter reads.

Source: Krone


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