"I don’t want my last year with my worst enemy"


Former soccer player Roma Francesco Totti He revealed on Thursday that his final year as a footballer was “mentally exhausting” and he wouldn’t ask for it “even if” his “worst enemy”.

“Too tired to think”

“I felt like I could continue to contribute, but they left me aside and if you play five or ten minutes every now and then it becomes a blob. I don’t want to be my last year with my worst enemy. It’s mentally exhausting. Because when you don’t play regularly after a life in the countryside, especially at a certain age, you don’t relax your body, you oxidize it, “he said in an interview with ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport‘.

“When you’re not playing, you gradually lose the rhythm of the game. You go in and you realize you’re late for the ball. Because your head keeps telling you what you need to do, but your legs are come. a second later. You know you’re better than everyone else, but if your body doesn’t stay in the game it’s hard “, added the Italian.

In Italy there is speculation about the possible withdrawal of Ibra

For several weeks, in Italy there was speculation about the possible withdrawal of the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic of soccer. The striker is not going through his best moments at Milan in a year full of injuries that have prevented him from regular performance. Totti understood the battering ram situation and commented on it in this interview: “I think I know how he feels, the questions he asks himself, the doubts …”.

“Looking at Ibra in this last episode, I went back to how I felt last year. Although my situation was a bit different with him, I didn’t have any particular injuries. Zlatan isn’t playing very well right now and I think. how difficult. It must be for him because his body is a demanding machine, “he explained.

“From what it seems to me from the outside, his desire to be on the field is as strong as Milan’s that he still has available,” Totti pointed out.

The legend of the ‘giallorrossi’ team also advised the Swede for the future: “The day he decides to leave, he must understand what he really wants to do. And when the proposal comes, ask for clarity and transparency. You have to ask yourself two questions: what should I do and who should I do. You need to know right away, then it’s all too late. “

His step from the lawn to the offices

In addition, he recounted how the step from the pitch to the offices of what became the club of his life was: “I went from a goodbye with tears in my eyes to becoming the manager of Roma right away.”

“You realize how different the people who work next to you and haven’t been on the pitch think. They ignore the aspects that make a difference in football. Maybe that’s also why they didn’t call me to participate and decide, because my ideas were completely different from theirs at the time of the decisions, ”he said.

‘Loba’ ‘Il Capitano’ ended by directly questioning the ‘rossoneri’ striker: “Ibrahimovic has become one of the best strikers in the world. An impressive player from all points of view. Ibra , I hope to see you open your arm and cheer you up again after a few goals in these last days of the championship. Then, at the end of the season, listen to your body: it will tell you what to do “, he sentenced .

Source: La Verdad


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