The devastating data that explains why Brazil is the most feared team in the World Cup


discuss world is to discuss Brazil. It is inevitable that the canarinha, who started on the right foot this Thursday at Qatar With its victory over Serbia, it has ties to the World Cup and is the only team to have participated in each of the editions that have taken place.

In his win against Serbia, Brazil continued to feed his legend as the most terrifying combination of a world, has reached a height that seems impossible and unreachable by other countries. It is always said that the streets of any city in Brazil flow with football from all its corners, from the street, and that is the secret to, since 1934, Brazil has not lost any of its opening matches. An absolutely surreal streak because that means it’s now 20 editions starting off on the right foot. On top of that, 16 of those have been wins, to just four draws for the five-time champion. And not only that, but he scored 47 goals in all his inaugurations, that is, in just 22 games, scoring only 19.

Brazil’s opening matches at the World Cups

1930: Brazil 1-2 Yugoslavia
1934: Brazil 1-3 Spain
1938: Brazil 6-5 Poland
1950: Brazil 4-0 Mexico
1954: Brazil 5-0 Mexico
1958: Brazil 3-0 Austria
1962: Brazil 2-0 Mexico
1966: Brazil 2-0 Bulgaria
1970: Brazil 4-1 Czechoslovakia
1974: Brazil 0-0 Yugoslavia
1978: Brazil 1-1 Sweden
1982: Brazil 2-1 Soviet Union
1986: Brazil 1-0 Spain
1990: Brazil 2-1 Sweden
1994: Brazil 2-0 Russia
1998: Brazil 2-1 Scotland
2002: Brazil 2-1 Turkey
​2006: Brazil 1-0 Croatia
​2010: Brazil 2-1 North Korea
2014: Brazil 3-1 Croatia
​2018: Brazil 1-1 Switzerland
2022: Brazil 2-0 Serbia

Spain, his last executioner

Coincidence in life or not, the last opening match that Brazil lost in 1934 was certainly against Spain. This was the second edition of a World Cup, held in Italy, which was the champion, and the canarinha at that time was not yet the power that had begun in the hands of Pelé.

In that conflict against Spain, Brazil it was lower and clearly fell (3-1) thanks to a brace from Iraragorri and another goal from Langara. Ricardo is part of that group. Zamora under sticks, which somewhat agrees with Leonidas.

Spain, however, were unable to progress as they crashed out in the next round, although Italy prevailed after drawing in regulation time (1-1).

A single defeat in the group stage since the current format was launched in 1986

No one wants to meet Brazil in a world, and that’s part of normality. Even in the group stage it does not feel good to meet the canarinha, with absolutely devastating numbers and it would have to be a disaster not to see him in the knockout phase.

But, since the 1986 World Cup in Mexicowhere the model now followed by a group stage was established to allow for eventual tie-up, Brazil lost only one game out of those it played in this first roundwhere they played a total of 28.

That defeat happened at World Cup in France 1998 And, strangely, the one who managed to win the day against Brazil was Norway, although it must be said that Zagallo’s team at that time had already entered the round of 16. The Norwegians beat Ronaldo, Rivaldo and company 1-2 with goals from Rekdal and Havard Flo.

Since, Brazil He has gone 18 consecutive games in the World Cup without losing and knows if it can be Switzerland again, his next rival, who manages to beat Tite’s team. If not, the challenge is for Cameroon.

Thiago Silva, the oldest

Another record breaker in this World Cup in Qatar in 2022 is Thiago Silva. The Brazil captain became, at 38 years and 63 days, the oldest soccer player from his country to participate in a World Cup. In this way, he surpassed two legends like Djalma Santos, who did it in 37 years and 138 days in the 1966 World Cup. Another one on the podium was Nilton Santos, at 37 years and 32 days in the 1962 World Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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