Lozano: “We got a strong blow”


The removal of Champions League It was a big blow to him. futsal barcawho dreamed of repeating the title after last season’s success, and this was reflected by the captain Sergio Lozano after staying out of Final Four for the first time.

“If I review the game today, I take my hat off to the team. Today we took a hard blow, but I will take the attitude and commitment. Among the saves by the goalkeeper, the ones we hit the post and the What we’ve had today could have been 13-2. Today I’m leaving a little disappointed with futsal. Strange things happened today. A team that celebrates as if they won the Champions League 7-2 when they’re knocked out, Hindi playing for you, that hurts,” he said lushwho recognized that “on the day of Galati we had to be more effective, we made many mistakes, and on the day of Anderlecht we could not escape”.

For his part, the technician Jesus Velasco He pointed out that “the problem is not now, we are under pressure and very pressured with the need to score goals” and he wants to change the chip after the disappointment in Europe.

“We enjoyed everything good during the season and this one has touched crosses. We have to read all this. We have hit six sticks and we have lacks more, perhaps with half a minute more we have achieved it. We have been very close and we tried in every way. Congratulations to Anderlecht and today the home team honored futsal. They played to compete and for honor. Nobody here gives anything away. We are no longer in the European Cup and now there is something to look at towards other goals,” said Velascowho recalled that “it all went away for the last five minutes of the game against Anderlecht”.

Source: La Verdad


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