“Messi, Messi, Messi…” was sung at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires


This time it wasn’t Tuesday or seven in the morning, as it turned out Saudi Arabia. This time it was Saturday at four in the afternoon. This time there is no paper. This time there was success in saving the Messi and, what used to be frustration and going to work in silence, is now an explosion and a good reason to celebrate the weekend. It happened in the country where Leo was born, here where they thanked him for the great cause against Mexico even in the Obelisk of Buenos Aires.

In the Federal Capital, in Mar del Plata, in Mendoza… In all the big cities of Argentina and in every small town… Everything revolves around. Argentina and ended up with a big party. It was the second game of the World Cup, but people still took to the streets to celebrate.

There were the most diverse plans. Families, friends, gather at homes, or choose bars to watch the game. Barbecues are organized in green spaces, in private neighborhoods. See the National Team match and Leo a Saturday is the ideal program.

So much need to win, so much desire for success, so much hit by unexpected defeat Saudi Arabiathat in many places bottles of beer and champagne were shaken and everything got wet.

In complete victory, the Argentines turned to the streets. Even in Buenos Aires they went to the Obelisk, in the emblematic place located at Corrientes and 9 de Julio avenues. That’s where fans usually gather to celebrate winning titles, not the second group stage game of a World Cup. It seems exaggerated, but this is what happened this time. It is impossible to imagine how joy can be reflected if Argentina He is world champion…

Finally, there, in that place, at the Obelisk, tribute was paid Leo with a shout as polite as thanks: “Messi, Messi, Messi”. The same thing happened in every part of the country. Everything goes viral fast. From that scream in the nerve center to the celebration of two girls waving a flag on a deserted street in no place. We have to celebrate for the choice and for Leo.

Source: La Verdad


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