The importance of knowing how to enjoy


Knowing how to lose is important in football, among other important reasons to learn from mistakes and start wisely on a new path to success. self-esteem of boat It has taken many blows over the years and everyone, from the players to the fans, understood that it was time to regain their humility to grow little by little until they loved the coveted title of League.

The next step is knowing how to win, without losing touch with the ground so as not to abandon the path of victory. This is how the club worked in the best years of this century and it should remember how to do it.

And it is important to know how to enjoy, pending topic. This was shown in the farewell announcement of Matthew German minutes after an important goal for the League as in Jordi Alba despite the fact that there is an eleven day break before the next game. Noise, always noise.

Source: La Verdad


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